3,236 Candidates

97 Employed

42 Tech Recruiters

4 Continents

What We Do

HR Network Team is providing professional services in tech recruitment since 2016. Our team members are located in Eastern Europe, Europe and UAE.

Free Job Analytics, Weekly reports, Online tracking spreadsheet
and even more...

During the whole recruitment process you will get
express analytics for your vacancies absolutely for free;
HR Manager will keep you posted on work progress with
weekly reports and online spreadsheet of submitted Candidates.
We shall send reminders and notifications about interviews and
our team will make sure that the Candidate will come on time.
On top of that we are available 24/7/365 at your service.

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Our Tech Charity Project

In order to diagnose faster and analyze patient's data,
hospitals in Ukraine need IT hardware. At HR Network
we donate 1% from each reward we get to DO IT! Together
with Austrian Charity foundation - ``Open Palms`` we supply
IT peripherals and make this world a better place.

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At HR Network we thought about getting the Services that fit your needs. We offer two types of solutions with three Business Models.

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